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एक उपयुक्त लड़की


"We come into this world to serve others, but never ourselves. We must present ourselves to men in our culture and the world as a ‘suitable girl’." - Basmah Malik



‘A SUITable Girl’ A/W 21 was Basmah’s final Second-Year design project that was produced during isolation and quarantine in the COVID 19 lockdown. This gender-neutral collection was inspired and based on the fight and struggle of gender inequality that many South Asian women in her culture face. Drawing from her own personal childhood experiences, Basmah designed a 6-outfit gender-neutral collection that incorporated draping elements from her traditional cultural garments such as sari’s, salwar kameez’s and harem pants. She combined and contrasted these elements with western Menswear tailoring details to show different identities, whilst breaking away from traditional construction methods.

With limited access to materials and resources due to the COVID 19 pandemic, all fabrics used in this project are recycled fabric scraps from Basmah's previous collections.

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