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Basmah Malik is a London based Fashion Designer and a First Class Honours BA Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear Graduate from London College of Fashion, University Arts London. Class of 2021.


Additionally, to her Womenswear pathway, she draws inspiration from Menswear and Sportswear in which she has been incorporating as well as experimenting with these details and pattern cutting techniques in her work to break down gender barriers. Basmah also incorporates elements of her South Asian heritage and working-class background into her work, which was a key feature in her graduate collection that was launched in June 2021.


She is also practicing in designing sustainably and has interned as a Production Assistant at 'RÆBURN'. Basmah uses dead-stock fabrics & materials in her collections to eliminate waste and has won an award for ‘Best Commitment to Sustainable Materials’ in her first year of university.


Basmah has been noticed for her strong technical ability when it comes to pattern cutting & her great attention to detail. As well as her Fashion Design practice, Basmah also has experience in Content Creation, and has an extensive background in Digital Media, Fine Art, Photography & Performing Arts.


For more information about Basmah Malik's work and collaborations please get in touch.

basmah malik
basmah malik
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Photography by Karyn Nkpolara

Instagram: @kechynara, Contact:

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